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Create Online Documentation or Knowledge Base!

Reduce Support Ticket Requests by 80% with Online Documentation of Products and Services. Beautiful Designs, Better Readability!

Features To Documentor Knowledge Base

Premium features to make the guide look great and useful.

Inline Docs, Posts and Pages

Add regular posts, pages and inline documentations and everything appears on single page.

WPML Compatible

Increase the reach of your product’s documentation as there will be no language barrier.

Drag and Drop Reorder

Reorder added posts or documents using drag and drop method. Very easy to do.

Designed for WordPress

Preview the Documentation on admin before embedding the same on a page.

Save as PDF

Use the button ‘Save as PDF’ for offline reading. Complete documentation transforms into a PDF.

Live Preview on Dashboard

Customer or user can forward the documentation using Send Email or even print in proper format.

User Feedback

Customer or user can submit feedback for any documentation section. Admin received feedback via email.

Unlimited Documentations

Create documentations for multiple products and use easy embed options to publish any number of knowledge bases.

Multiple Skins

Documentor comes with multiple designs such as Cherry, Default etc..

Shortcode and Template Tag

Embed Documentations inside a simple page or anywhere on the theme using shortcode or template tag.

Great Product Needs Great Documentation

To Make Your Documentation More Effective, Documentor Comes Loaded with powerful features


Self Hosted Documentation

With Documentor, you can create and keep the documentation on your own server. In case of third-party documentation service provider, your user may face downtime if the service provider’s server is down. It makes you dependent on other server. Apart from that, you can customie or make any changes in self hosted Documentor plugin to suit your need, it is NOT possible with third-party documentation platforms.

Drag and Drop Reorder

Added sections of documentation can be reordered using drag and drop method with mouse. Without any technical knowledge or coding skills, one can change the order or added sections in just seconds. Similar easy methods are available for other options as well.

Generate and Save PDF

For offline reading or to discuss with a team, one can use PDF format of the documentation. With one click, admin can generate a PDF copy of the complete documentation and allow visitors to downlaod the PDF copy for the guide page. It helps in boosting the reach of the help guide and allows visitors to get a PDF copy with the brand logo.

Author Technical Documentation

All kind of products need technical documentation to help the user understand operation and usage. Admin can author beautiful and engaging technical documentation with Documentor WordPress Plugin using options like callouts, code snippets, tables etc.

Increase Product Sale

Good documentation helps user understand the product and it builds a trust and confidence inside visitor's mind. Finally it can convert your visitors into a potential customer which will boost your product sales.

Connect with Customers

Each tutorial or documentation guide section shows Customer Feedback Form at the bottom of the section. User can submit feedback about the guide section either suggesting some edits or may post positive feedback. It helps admin or the developer to connect with the user and improvise the documentation and even the product with this process.

Easy Maintenance

It is very easy to update, change or add new document or guide with the Documentor plugin. To edit the static HTML page is very tedious task whereas Documentor WordPress plugin makes your life very easy by allowing you to edit or update old documents in just few clicks which eventually saves time.

Responsive Design

User can open the documentation from any device and that's why we have made all skins of Documentor 100% responsive. The documentations created by Documentor plugin will always appear perfectly whether opened on any device size e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop, Desktop etc.


Documentor is WPML and mqTranslate compatible which means you can create multilingual documentation using this WordPress plugin. It also comes with .mo and .po files these languages - German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. We keep ading new language files with each update.

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