Auto Generating PDF of Knowledge Base with WordPress Document Management Plugin

Having a good website with attractive plugins and themes with many features does not mean that you are done. There is a need to have a place where people can connect with each other and get the desired information that can be easily get from anywhere and anytime. Each time you cannot expect your customers to submit a ticket for a simplest query and wait for the agent to get a reply. So there is a need to have a knowledge base tool where one can put all the information of the product.

Features of Knowledge Base:

  • Eases the work of Customers:

Whenever a customer have a query he can go through the knowledge base article and get the desired solution instead of waiting for the solutions.

  • Saves time of staff agents:

The customers get solutions for their queries from the knowledge base so there is no need for them to contact the support agents each time thus saving the time of staff agents.

  • Flexible:

It is very flexible since one is able to access the information irrespective of place and time.

  • Collaboration:

Multiple employees can collaborate to share the particular information of the organization. Thus they all share a common platform to put forth all the information.

Need to generate PDF of knowledge base:

There is a need to create a electronic version of the knowledge base so that one will be able to send the electronic drafts without altering the original format. Also it should be secure and compatible across many platforms. This can be easily achieved through PDF generation of the knowledge base. There is a WordPress Plugin available to auto generate PDF of knowledge base through Documentor.

Simple Steps to Auto generate PDF with Documentor:

Step 1] In order to use Documentor the Documentor WordPress plugin is to be activated. After you have downloaded the zip file and added to the plugins folder go to:

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Documentor >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then you will find the Documentor option in the admin panel where the settings related to it can be done.

Step 2] Create a document from:

Admin Panel >> Documentor >> Create New

Enter the Guide name and different sections can be added for the particular guide.

Step 3] Ones the guide is created go to:

Admin panel >> Documentor >> Manage >> Select the particular document >> Edit Section >> Settings >> Advance Section >> Save PDF (It can be either enabled or disabled from here) 

Step 4] Ones you are done with these settings, go to manage and select the particular documents for which you want the PDF to be generated. Under the sections for the particular document towards the bottom there will be Generate PDF option. Hit the button each time whenever there are certain changes in the section whenever you need to generate the PDF else old PDF will get generated and downloaded from the front end. There will be a pdf symbol that will get appeared on the front end after PDF generation.

There are two ways for which the PDF can be generated:

1) If Load sections using AJAX is disabled:

Admin panel >> Documentor >> Manage >> Select the particular document >> Edit Section >> Settings tab >> Advanced Settings >> Load sections using AJAX (disabled)

If it is disabled then one will find Generate PDF button below all section on Edit page.

screenshot-localhost 2015-09-28 10-44-44

2) If Load sections using AJAX is enabled:

Admin panel >> Documentor >> Manage >> Select the particular document >> Edit Section >> Settings tab >> Advanced Settings >> Load sections using AJAX (enabled)

If it is enabled then one will find Generate PDF button for every section on Edit page.

screenshot-localhost 2015-09-28 10-46-25

Highlights of Auto generated PDF with Documentor plugin:

  • PDF Formatting:

One can format the PDF from the PDF options where the Title, Header, Footer, Subtitle and many other options can be easily changed.

  • WPML Compatible:

Documentor is WPML compatible, so the PDF file can be generated in any language.

  • Import and Export Guide:

One is able to import the document that is created on the localhost and Export it using from the Manage Guides option of the Documentor.

  • Responsive:

Documentor is supported and responsive to all the devices.

  • Supports all content types:

It supports all the content type such as videos, images, Google maps, tables and many more.

Thus Documentor has helped to create online product documentation very easily along with the auto generate PDF feature which is a great feature indeed.

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