Build Single Page Knowledge Base with WordPress Document Management Plugin

In order to provide with the efficient customer service to your customers there is a need to have a knowledge base for improving website’s usability and providing with a good customer service. No one will compromise in providing with a good customer service so there is a need to have a knowledge base tool that can ease the work.

There are different WordPress Document Management Plugin that are available in the market. But before making any choice that will suit with all your needs one should have the road map of all the features that one is looking for. To highlight a few of them:

  • Supporting all Content type:

It should support all the content type for the document. One should be able to include videos, images, PDF embeds, Google maps, tables and others.

  • Multilingual:

It should have the ability to translate the document into multiple languages.

  • Responsive:

The WordPress plugin needs to be responsive and should be supported with all the devices.

  • Multiple Sections:

For the particular guide one should be able to add multiple sections so that it can be easily distinguished.

  • Different Skins and Designs:

One should be able to customize and apply different skins and designs for the particular document.

  • Simple and Easy:

It should be simple to understand and one should be able to embed the shortcode and template tags easily to display it on the front end.

Considering with all the above features one is looking in order to build a knowledge base, this can be achieved through WordPress plugin Documentor.

Simple steps to build knowledge base with Documentor:

Step 1] In order to use Documentor the Documentor WordPress plugin is to be activated. After you have downloaded the zip file and added to the plugins folder go to:

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Documentor >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then you will find the Documentor option in the admin panel where the settings related to it can be done.

Step 2] Create a document from:

Admin Panel >> Documentor >> Create New

Enter the name of the guide and select the settings that you want to apply for the particular guide.

Step 3] According to ones need one can add different sections for the particular guide. There can be different settings that can be applied for the particular guide from:

Admin panel >>Documentor >> Manage >> Select the particular document >> Edit Section >>  Settings (Basic Settings, Formatting and Advanced Settings)

screenshot-localhost 2015-09-28 09-55-12

One can enable or disable the Scrolling option from the settings so that when ever one clicks on the menu title content gets visible in scrolling effect.

Even the Load Sections using AJAX can be enabled for which only the active menu’s contents will get visible using AJAX.

From the Global Settings one is able to decide about the post types that will be supported for adding sections.

Step 4] In order to display the document on the front end, Shortcode and Template tags can be used for the particular posts and pages. This can be attained from:

Admin Panel >> Documentor >> Manage

screenshot-localhost 2015-09-28 10-35-22

It will list out all the documents name along with the short codes and template tags that can be used for displaying it on the front end.

WordPress Document Management Plugin lessens the Paperwork:

The main purpose to have a WordPress Document Management Plugin is to reduce the paper work of the employees so that they can rely on it, to manage all the documents. It also brings lots of efficiency to their work and saves time. A Document Plugin with good features  is very simple to use and does not require much technical knowledge to understand it.

There is a saying by Pearl Bailey, “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” So find the one WordPress Document plugin that will meet with all your requirements and needs.

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