Create Knowledge Base with Visitor Feedback Option using WordPress Plugin

While building up of a website one has realized the importance to build a Knowledge Base for providing the better customer service to the customers. It is not only helpful to the visitors but also to the staff agents as it saves their time for answering to the queries that has been included to the Knowledge Base. Besides this the customer can look upon the content any time and at any place without actually contacting the support team.

Getting Feedback from Visitors:

Visitor’s Feedback Options on Gmail Help

When a knowledge base has been put for the particular website, one should also know the importance of the feedback that one gets from their visitors. Below will highlight the points regarding the importance of visitors’ feedback:

  • Get to know about the things in which one is lacking:

Depending upon the feedback and the suggestions that one gets from the visitors, they get to know about the things in which they are lacking and they can work to improve it. This will help to provide a better experience to the users.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

If the customer is happy with the knowledge base that has been published and all their queries get solved due to it then they will provide with a positive feedback. Through this one gets to know whether the customer is satisfied and all his questions are resolved by going through the knowledge base.

  • Suggestions from visitors:

The visitors can also point out the things that are missing and the topics that requires more elaboration. Accordingly depending upon the feedback that the visitors give it can be implemented for the improvement of the knowledge base.

  • Scope of improvement of the content:

One can implement the things and the feed backs of the visitors for the content and they can work on it in order to improve it. This will improve the content and present it more appropriately to the visitors.

WordPress Plugin that allows Visitor Feedback option:

One of the most popular and useful WordPress Plugin that allows you to have a Visitor Feedback option is through Documentor. It helps to create online product documentations very easily. Different content types such as videos, images, PDF embeds, Google maps etc. are supported.

Simple steps to create knowledge base with Visitor Feedback option using Documentor:

Step 1] In order to use Documentor the Documentor WordPress Plugin is to be activated. After you have downloaded the zip file and added to the plugins folder go to:

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Documentor >> Activate

Ones the plugin is activated then one will find the Documentor option in the admin panel where the settings related to it can be done.

Step 2] The document can be created from:

Admin Panel >> Documentor >> Create New 

The new guide can be created and there can be different sections that can be added for the particular guide and different settings that can be applied for the same.

Step 3]  User can submit the feedback if the User’s feedback option is enabled from the settings. By default this option is enabled. One will find this option from:

Admin Panel >>Documentor >> Manage >> Select the particular document >Edit Section >> Settings (Advanced Settings) >> Visitor’s Feedback (enabled)


One needs to enable this option if he needs feedback from the visitors. Also one can select the fields that one wants to appear for the visitors on the front end from the Format option.


One can make the changes for the fields for the feedback form and accordingly it will appear on the front end for the visitors. The visitors can post their suggestions and feedback by filling the details of the form.

Following these 3 Simple steps for creating knowledge base with Visitor feedback option using Documentor you are done!

Apart from Documentor, there re many other free plugins available for creating documentation but you may not find visitor’s feedback option there. Now you must have understood the importance of having an effective feedback option. This feature is good for the company as well as customers.

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