How to Embed a Presentation Slideshow inside Product Documentation

The key factor to write a documentation for a website is to make the visitors to understand your product in a better way. While writing a documentation one can include images, PDF, Video, Charts, PPT, Galleries etc. Including this things will definitely help your visitors to understand the product and get their queries solved very easily. A Slideshow can be indeed very useful for the clients when they are referring the documentation.

Documentor WordPress Plugins will help to create the online product documentation very easily. One may include code snippets, videos, images, PDF embeds, Google Maps, Tables for their documentation. Also one can easily embed a presentation slideshow inside a Product Documentation by following the simple steps.

Simple Steps to Embed a Presentation Slideshow inside Product Documentation:

Step 1] In order to embed a presentation slideshow for the product documentation, Documentor WordPress Plugin and Embed Any Document Plugin is to be activated. When one has downloaded the zip file and added to the plugins folder go to:

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Embed Any Document >> Activate (To activate Embed Any Document Plugin)

Admin Panel >> Installed Plugins >> Documentor >> Activate (To activate Documentor Plugin)

Ones the plugin is activated then one will find the Embed Any Document option and Documentor option in the admin panel where the settings related to it can be done.

NOTE: There are various WordPress Plugins that are available, that can be activated to embed PDF, MS Office, documents on the WordPress site using Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office online. 

Step 2] In order to create the documentation go to:

Admin Panel >> Documentor >> Create New

One can create the new guide from this and there can be different sections that can be added for the particular guide and accordingly the settings can be added for the same.

Step 3] While adding a section for a particular guide there will be an option of Add Document that will be present towards the top besides the Add Media where the Slideshow can be added easily.

embed code plugin

While selecting the particular option one can easily upload the document, add its URL and easily add it from Dropbox, Drive and Box and then click on the Insert option.

add document

Step 4] After you are done inserting the Slideshow for the particular section then click on the Insert option that is present towards the bottom.

Step 5] One will find the embedded code for the particular guide from the Embed Code tab that can be used to display it on the front end.

Following the above simple steps, one can easily add a Presentation slideshow inside a Product Documentation that will be displayed in the embedded form on the front end.

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