8 Free WordPress Plugins to Create Product Documentation

One of the important aspect to build a powerful website is to provide a good and powerful documentation to the visitors so that they can have a better understanding of the product. It is indeed very helpful for the visitors as well as the staff agents. The  visitors can refer the documentation help if they have certain queries and thus saving the time of the staff agents as well. Product Documentation can be considered as a key that will open the doors to all the questions that arises in the minds of the visitors. WordPress is the best website builder and in this article, I will list down free plugins to create product documentation using WordPress CMS.

Advantages of Product Documentation:

  • Visitors can access the information easily anywhere and anytime
  • Reduces the work of the staff agents as they will not have to answer the same question
  • Receive feedback from visitors to improve the guide and engage visitors
  • Useful  in SEO
  • Creates electronic version of the documentation that can be used to send electronic drafts.

Free WordPress Plugins to create Product Documentation:

This plugin helps to create online product guide or help documentation very easily on WordPress site. One can create and publish a profession looking documentation quickly with an elegant design and implementation.

Documentor Pro

Premium version of Documentor comes with following features

  • Create Multiple Guide
  • 5 Pre-designed ready themes
  • User Suggestion Box
  • Export to PDF
  • AJAX Loading of content
  • and lot many other features.

It is very responsive, number of sections can be added, custom links can also be added in table of contents, compatibility with WPML, Settings panel to change the colors and fonts and many more.


It helps the site operators to create detailed, hierarchical documentation for the site’s authors, editors and contributors view-able in the WordPress admin. One can pull in help documents from another WP Help install and they will be automatically updated when the source documents change. It is perfect for WordPress multi-site installs.

WP Help

It helps to easily create documentation for any number of products, organized by product and by subsections within each product. One can easily use this to create instruction guides for anything. Documentation articles will have schema.org micro-data. It has documentation with a user-friendly structure for the visitors. It works on multisite WordPress installations as well as regular WordPress sites.

organized docs

It helps to create an attractive and professional knowledge base. It is very responsive and easy to use and customize. It also provides with integrated breadcrumb and super fast search. Compatible with all major browsers and devices. There is also custom ordering of articles and categories by drag and drop. This plugin copies the page template and related CSS into your active theme, one can edit those files to adjust the layout and design.

WP Knowledgebase

This plugin allows the WordPress bloggers to add step by step instructions to their site. The instructions can be quickly created and linked to corresponding images. It will be indeed a great help to simplify the online product manuals. This plugin helps to build tutorials, share knowledge and thus keeping traffic at your blog.


It offers easy to use and configure and powerful panels to display FAQ, term definitions or any of the short content. It offers contextual coloring to highlight or group the related items. One can group and tag items to improve user adaptation and understanding. It also has an ability to set the initial state of any of the panel.

knowledge center

One can easily add Knowledge Base or FAQ on any part of the WordPress site. One can easily assign categories and display it on up to Four(4) Columns in any part of your website. It creates shortcode using the plugin’s powerful shortcode generator with options to display per category, order by title or date, controls visibility and assign layout options. It is fully responsive and Browsers compatible.


One can organize and create great looking documentation with this plugin. It helps to create Slick Documentation for anything. Also creating a topic/item to document with a sidebar menu. One can also attach a introduction page to each topic/item. There is an easy drag and drop that organizes Posts and Categories.

doc it

These are some of the free WordPress Plugins that will help to create great product documentation and ease your work!

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