7 Ways to Easily Manage Already Published Documentation of Products

After you have launched your product the first thing that you do after that is to write the documentation of the product so that the visitors can have a better understanding of the product. The main reason to write a document is to make it easy for the visitors to refer it anytime and at any place. This will indeed save the time of the visitors as well as the staff agents, as the visitor can directly refer the document so there will be no need for them to post the ticket in case of any query and wait for the response of the staff agent.

Common Mistakes People make after the Documentation of Product is done:

The very common mistake that people do is that, after they have written an article for the product they feel that they are done. Though they keep on updating for the features of the product but there are no changes that are made for the document of the product. There is no way in which the visitor can share their views and put forth their queries on the particular document. This indirectly effects the product in the below ways:

  • Effects the SEO
  • Clients are not able to get the update for the new features of the Product through document.
  • Visitors loose their interest as they also prefer reading new and updated content.
  • They will not find it to be engaging if there is no way to give the feedback or express the views for it.

7 Ways to Manage existing Documentation:

1) Keep on Updating your document:

It is always good to keep on updating with the new changes and the features that are been added for the product. This will keep your visitors engage and everyone likes reading a new and fresh content.

2) Feedback from the Visitors:

The best way to keep the visitors engage for your product is by including a feedback form where they can share their views and they will feel involved for the product offered. This will give the impression to them that the feedback from the client really matters.

3) Putting Like/ Dislike button:

Like/ Dislike button will give a chance for the visitor to share their views on the article that whether they liked the document or not. Also they will feel their involvement for it.

4) Social Media Sharing for Document:

Social Media plays a very important role in the present scenario. It is always good to include this social media buttons for the document.

5) Edit Suggestions by the visitors:

Visitors can also show their contribution for the document by suggesting their edits and ideas for the document. This will also help to present the document in a better way.

6) Keep on comparing your Product and Document:

It is always good to compare your product as well as the document that will attract more visitors to your site. Keep on changing the content of the product that will keep it up to date.

7) Updated Date:

It is a good idea to include the date when the present article is updated, this will let the visitors to know that the content they are reading is not out dated and it has been updated till date.

All these features are supported by Documentor plugin that helps you to create online documentation easily. The above ways will surely help to manage your existing article in a better way that will attract the visitors.

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