7 SaaS Based Product Documentation Service for Technical Writing

The main motive when you launch a product is to make people aware about it functionalities and make them understand how it works. You cannot expect your visitors to contact the Support team each time if they are not aware about its working. This might be indeed frustrating for them.

The best way to attain it is through the Product Documentation that will list out its working as well as the common questions that arises on the minds of the people.

Moreover it will also save the time of the visitors as they can access the documentation any where and any time.

Why to opt for a SaaS Based Product for Documentation? 

SaaS (Software as a Service) can be considered as a method of Software delivery where the vendor or the service provider hosts the application remotely and it is made available to the customer over a network.

It is just like the rental that the user have to pay for the period of time they are using it.

As time has passed SaaS based products have gained so much of importance due to the advantages that it offers.

Advantages of SaaS Based Product:

  • Upfront Savings
  • Saves time
  • No server maintenance required
  • Easy to upgrade as the Service Provider provides with the upgrades and updates
  • Highly adopted as it can be managed anywhere and any time

7 SaaS Based Product Documentation Service:


It allows to create a rich interactive self-service center with video as well as imagery. One can easily create a knowledge base that will help to have a better understanding of the product that is offered.

The articles are categorized based on different categories and sub-categories along with the count that help the visitor to understand it at a quick glance.



One of the great service provided to create a Documentation or knowledge base for your customers by Zendesk.

It provides to build a beautiful knowledge base, community as well as the customer portal.

All in one service is provided that helps the users to easily manage the knowledge base.



It allows to create a SEO rich knowledge base very easily and quickly. One of the unique feature that it offers is that it allows the support team for converting a reply to a customer into a KBase article.

It provides integration with Google Analytics to find out what exactly the customers are looking for. There is different content for staff as well as customers as it provides with different access controls.



They provide with a great service to create online documentation or knowledge base for the customers. It is very simple to use just as cutting and pasting the content that you require.

The team can easily update the content whenever required without needing any of the help from the web designer. It also provides with multilingual knowledge base that allows to serve the visitors across the globe.


Help Scout:

It helps to enhance the support with a well integrated knowledge base. It allows to manage the knowledge base of up to 5 sites with no additional charge for it.

One can upload the articles easily in HTML, Markdown or txt format. It is also multi-lingual that helps the visitors about better understanding of the product and its features.



They offer a knowledge base which is very simple that offers to publish any ticket to it with a single click.

The documentation in knowledge base can be distinguished as Public and Private. Private articles are the one to which only the technicians and admins will have the access to open it.

It also provides suggestions for the documents/ articles  for the visitors on the client portal.



It provides with simple online knowledge base or documentation that is beautiful, searchable, social media ready and responsive for the mobile. HappyFox also provides for the auto suggestion for the users on the client portal. With the structured index it makes it easy to share over the social media.


The above listed are some of the best SaaS based Product Documentation services that helps to create an online documentation for your product very easily and quickly.

One does not require technical knowledge to create such type of documentation.

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