How a Good Product Documentation Improved Sale by 70% in Just a Month

Launching a new product for your business involves the team work, hard work, efforts over months. No matter you are running a small business or a larger one there are lots of hopes and dedication for the same to excel. There are lots of factors that are incorporated to build a successful product. It is also very necessary to take a note of the targeted audience for the product, response channels and their expectations. It is indeed important to take into consideration the goals and objectives before the successful launch of any of the product.

Factors to consider when launching a Product:

  • Customers Needs and requirements
  • Unique Features of the Product
  • Easy to understand
  • Appropriate Cost
  • Good Support
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Building a Community
  • Marketing through different Social Media platforms
  • Strong Product Management
  • Easy to Customize

All these factors plays a very important role for building a good product but it may vary from business to business.

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Though all the above factors plays a very vital role for the product. But I personally feel that Detailed documentation plays a vital role among all. It is one of the key factor that will also effect the other factors and definitely benefit you.

Product Documentation for a Product:

Product Documentation can be considered as a way or language in which the product speaks for you. It is in fact not easy for the support representatives to be around the customers when ever they have a query. There are times when the query is very simple to be sorted, but if they are not getting the timely response for it, there are higher chances for the customers to get frustrated and opt for some other product. So it is necessary to have an alternative so that the clients can go through it without contacting the support. This is the only one scenario that I have discussed but there might be different reasons that are pulling them back to raise their queries. In order to avoid all these problems, It is good to have a detailed product documentation for the customers to refer when ever they require.

Impact of Product Documentation for the Sales:

Being a representative of Slidervilla Sales team, how will the customers get a good user experience is one of the main concern for the Sales. Placid Slider is one of the very important product of SliderVilla that will help to display the responsive logo slider for WordPress with the scrolling images. Our team decided to include the documentation for the slider that will help the visitors to refer it in case of any queries. The documentation of this product was included in October last year. And believe me we have noticed a drastic change over the sales of the product in just 3 months. There was an increase of 40-50% Sales of the particular product. There are many who will feel that How can a product documentation improve Sales of the product? But it is true!

Role played by Product Documentation to improve Sales:

  • Allows the customers to access the information anywhere and anytime without relying on the support team.
  • Saves the time of the customers and also reduces the work of the Support team.
  • Helps in creating a good impression among the new customers.
  • Making the customer aware and familiar with the product.
  • When the query of the customer gets sorted easily than they will give a good feedback that will definitely attract more visitors.
  • It will help the customers to set up the product very easily that will help to avoid the errors initially.
  • If the document that is prepared is keyword rich than it will help to improve the SEO for it. It will also help to divert more traffic to your site.

Other Plugins to build a document for your site:

WordPress provides with many plugins that will indeed help you to create a documentation for your site very easily. To list a few of them:

Documentor: A plugin for the product document will help you to build a guide or the help document for your site very easily. There are different content types that are supported by this plugin that will help you to present the document in a better way.


W3 Total Cache: In order to improve the experience and optimize the performance of the site than W3 Total Cache is one of the important plugin that is provided by WordPress. It will also help to improve the server performance by reducing the download times.


Yoast SEO: This plugin will be very important to improve the SEO for your site. It will also help to have a better content and also fully optimized WordPress site. It will help you to select the focused keywords.


VaultPress: VaultPress is one of the very important plugin to take back up of the site. There are different security scans that are performed by it, to review and fix the threats. It is one of the best plugin to provide security to your site.


Depending upon the needs the plugins may vary, but the one which are listed above are some of the important plugins that will surely help you to build a better website.

Including a documentation for the product will definitely help to improve the sale of the product and you will see a vast change in the figures of the sale. There are also various product documentation plugins that are available that will indeed ease your work.  Documentation can be considered as one of the factor to increase the sales, besides this the marketing strategies that you build will also play a very important role for it.

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