Highlight Text or Use Marker in Product Documentation

Highlighting of the text or using a marker for any product documentation can be considered as one of the marketing strategy that will compel the visitors to read a particular text. It can be considered as an effective means that will summarize the information from the particular piece of content. It will surely help to bring more visitors to your site and thus diverting more traffic that is surely very beneficial. Most of the blogging websites or any other established website uses this technique that highlights the text with some background.

Note: Create Product Documentation or Technical Guide using WordPress

Benefits of Highlighting text or using Marker

  • Highlighted text helps to retain the information easily from the particular content.
  • It will help to bring more readers to your site rather than the plain text.
  • Helps to save the time of the readers instead of reading the whole content.
  • It provides a better experience to the user or readers.

Methods to highlight the text in WordPress:

There is no separate option or button available in the WordPress editor to highlight the text. This can be easily achieved through installing plugins and other approaches.

1) CKEditor for WordPress:


CKEditor is the text editor that will be used inside web pages. This plugin will replace the default WordPress editor with the CKEditor. It also allows to post comments with CKEditor to provide styled as well as colorful comments.

2) WP Emphasis:


This plugin is used to highlighting and permalinking text of the emphasis script. One need not set anything for this to work, tap shift twice and one can start highlighting the text.


3) Through CSS:

If you are familiar with the code then you are able to highlight the text through the CSS code by following the below steps:

Step 1] You will need to create a class in the CSS file and give it a unique name say “content-highlight”

Step 2] Create a child theme and put the class (created from step 1) in the CSS file of the child theme.

.content-highlight { background-color:#FFFF00; }

Step 3] One can choose the color from the color picker and easily switch to text view in the WordPress editor and wrap the text in the way you want it to be highlighted in the following way:

<span class="content-highlight">… text to highlight …</span>

You are done by following the above steps.

4) Inline Styling:

It is also possible to insert the code into the post for the content that is to be highlighted. One can view the post in the text editor add add the below mentioned code.

<span style="background-color:yellow;"> … your text here … </span>

Though there is no separate option given to highlight the text in WordPress but the above ways will definitely help you to make your documentation approaching for the visitors and definitely come up with a good one.

Hope this article was really useful to you guys. And feel free to contact us if you find some more ways to highlight the text.  As there is a great saying that “Knowledge increases by sharing and not saving!

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