45% Improvement Suggestions come via Product’s Guide Page


After a success purchase, most of the customers look for a handbook or guide or knowledge base to learn about using the product. Some of them may have questions related to the basic use of the product but some may have good suggestions. A real user of the product is the best source of input for a product. I am have a pretty good documentation of Documentor WordPress plugin but still people come with questions and even sometimes with eye opener feature request. In last few months, I saw most of the feature requests coming from the suggestion box embedded on the guide page. 5 out of 10 suggestions came from the guide page, rest came via support thread and direct email.

Once the user starts using the product, he starts facing challenges or starts expecting more out of the product. And if he finds certain mentions about the feature in guide, he jumps to the suggestion or feedback form and submit the request (if that kind of form is available). If you have seen the demo of Documentor WordPress plugin, you must have seen the suggestion box at the end of each guide or section. It allows visitors to fill up the form about the guide and ask the admin to either improve the guide page or the product itself.

Once you have the inputs from the visitor or probable customer, you can implement the same in product and get back to the user. Finally that inclusion of the feature will certainly convert a valuable visitor into a loyal customer and will eventually improve the product for existing users as well.

Similar suggestion form is also available in every Google product’s guide. The reason of having such form is same,

  • Improve the product guide page
  • Receive product improvement suggestions

My another site which is having premium WordPress sliders is also having guides created using Documentor plugin. I received many suggestions from existing customers or newbies via the suggestion box and it improved the slider products from all directions. Customers felt that we as a team heard their concerns and suggestion and improved the product.

Timely Inclusion of Customer’s Feedback and Suggestion is one of the main reason of success for Xiaomi, a leading mobile brand.

Sanjeev Mishra

An award winning serial entrepreneur running multiple online businesses. He co-founded Webfanzine Media, the parent company for WordPress products such as SliderVilla, Documentor, PurposeThemes. He regularly blogs on Internet Techies, WPOptimus and many other popular blogs. His love for WordPress started back in 2008 and till now has contributed in the development and release of 20+ WordPress plugins with 5,00,000+ downloads.

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