Put Organizational Branding in Guide’s PDF using Documentor WordPress Plugin

When you put product documentation or guide on your site, you prefer to have a PDF version over there as well. Sometimes visitors just download the PDF and read offline to get that printed. Documentor WordPress plugin allows to generate PDF version of created product guide and displays the same on the guide’s page. Generating a PDF is just one click away in Documentor plugin. Like the online version, branding is also important in the PDF version of the guide or help document, so that if the guide gets printed, the branding items such as Logo, Name of the company etc. appears on the PDF.

Documentor comes with ready options to customize the PDF with own branding logo and details. Also one can customize the fonts, footer text, header text, guide’s subtitle and other areas of the PDF. There is an option to upload the logo which will appear on every page of the PDF and the footer text will also be visible on each page.


Why Branding is Important?

Well, as I have mentioned earlier in this article, branding such a logo placement or footer area text helps in promoting your product even offline. If someone will download the PDF and send that to his friend or colleague, the product’s branding will still be there and one can move to your site anytime. That helps in generating more traffic and sales. So here are few benefits of having organizational branding on product’s guide or documentation’s PDF.

  • More exposure for the product or services
  • Generate traffic and eventually more sales
  • Copyright protection
  • PDF looks exclusive for the product or the company


Once downloaded, this is how the branding looks in the PDF version of the guide.


Generated PDF will appear as a downloadable link on the documentation page. If you do not have the logo ready, you can use Header Text and Footer Text for branding in the guide’s PDF as well.

Requirement to use Branded PDF feature in Documentor

PDF branding option comes loaded with the PRO version of Documentor WordPress plugin. You only need WordPress CMS to install the Documentor plugin and use the branding features in generated PDF.

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