7 Reasons Why Self Help Guide is Important for Any Business

Whether you are running a product based business or a service based company, all kind of businesses need customers. Large companies appoint many employees for lead generation or to bring more customers through advertisements and other marketing techniques. In this article, I will explain how a self help guide of your product or service can help you in getting more customers without spending much.

What is Self Help Guide?

Self help guide is a form of portable documentation explaining everything about the product or service. You can create a self help guide in the form of a Knowledge Base with search capability where visitors or probable customers can read about how to use the product or what to expect from the service. Self help guide can also come in form of a PDF which can be available for offline reading.

How Self Help Guide is Important for Business

All businesses are for revenue and profit, and for more revenue, you need more customers. In the following benefits, I will explain how a self help guide can convert more visitors into a loyal customer and bring more revenue to the business.

#1 Lead Generation – Self help guide or a knowledge base with how-tos and FAQs are one of the most important source of leads. These documents bring more customers as they find answers of certains questions about the offered product or service. If the document is good, visitors will have better picture about the business that he is going to do with your company. Of course, the guide page should have a contact form to proceed with the lead.

#2 Advancement of Products or Services – By reading the self help guide, a visitor may ask counter questions on the provided solutions. Or in certain cases, he may not find proper solution. Sometimes by looking at the self help guide, a customer may suggest some improvements for the product or provided services. All these cases leads to a changelog for the business. Now the business development or product development team should come together and have a discussion about everything suggested by the visitor. Finally based on the feedback, company may improve the product or fix something in the process of service which will improve business in coming days.

#3 User Engagement – Self Help Guide creation tool like Documentor comes with User Feedback option on each section or question. Visitors can tell whether the document was helpful or not. If not, then he may suggest few things or just put a comment. With this feature on self help guide, visitors feel engaged with the product. Now company can contact that visitor with proper answer and in few cases, the visitor may convert into a customer. With self help guide, you can start talking to the visitor either in positive form or otherwise but in both cases, you are engaging the person which is always better for any business.

#4 Reduce Support Requests – This is a direct and quick benefit of having a good self help guide. If your customer or visitor can find most of the answers in self help guide, it is obvious that he will not raise a ticket. That will reduce after sale support on your company’s side which is a very expensive task.

#5 Product Placement – In the self help guide when you are explaining Product A, you can also provide certain benefits of using Product B or your company. Similarly, while explaining about your Service A, you can provide few benefits of using Service B along with A. As this is a guide, visitor will find it helpful and will go over to read about Product B or Service B. This is how you can utilise a Self Help Guide for converting more sales for the company.

#6 Search Engine Optimization (More organic traffic) – If you self help guide is getting indexed on Google and other search engines, it will bring more organic traffic. It is found that guides have better interlinking with the posts or other sections, which improves search engine ranking. If you have more pages with detailed answers, believe more, you will get more visitors.

#7 Feel Good Factor – If a customer finds help in form of an answer in the self help guide, it brings relief to that person as now he is not suppose to go through the long support process. If the customer feels good about your business, he will share good things with his friends, colleague or even with his own clients (in some cases). Good word of mouth is the best thing which can happen to a business. So a good self help guide or documentation or knowledge base can make your customers feel happy and that is the most helpful thing for all business, a happy customer.

It is very easy to create an online documentation using Documentor WordPress plugin. It gives you a great platform to create short, long or any kind of documentation in just few minutes. With ready designs and powerful panel, even non-technical person can create a helpful and easy to navigate guide easily. And the most important things is that it is very easy to maintain too.

Sanjeev Mishra

An award winning serial entrepreneur running multiple online businesses. He co-founded Webfanzine Media, the parent company for WordPress products such as SliderVilla, Documentor, PurposeThemes. He regularly blogs on Internet Techies, WPOptimus and many other popular blogs. His love for WordPress started back in 2008 and till now has contributed in the development and release of 20+ WordPress plugins with 5,00,000+ downloads.

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