February Update – Documentor v1.5 with Clean Layout and Better UX

February was a busy month for Documentor team as we released a new version with many fixes and features. The Team worked for the complete month and finally it is out.

Documentor 1.5

The new version of Documentor WordPress plugin is out with lot many fixes and few design changes. We started working on this version at the start of this month and the main motto of this update was to fix things. By getting feedback from our customers, we also improved the user experience (UX) of the plugin and made the design a little clutter free.

Find the complete changelog of Documentor 1.5 are as below

Better Search in Documentor

With this update, we have optimized the code a lot and made operations really fast. Apart from that, some visible changes are the placement of Search Box on the guide page as highlighting search terms.

Guide Search box considers section title and the content and highlight the search term, if found.

No More Data Loss

Few customers reported that the sections are not appearing on front-panel after reorder or save guide operations. We fixed that issue as well and now there will be no such issue on Documentor. It took good amount of time for us to recreate that issue but finally we did and it is fixed.

Auto-update Issue

Few customers reported that the auto update is not working. Well, that was because of SSL issue. We have fixed that and the update should work just fine at your end. Don’t forget to put the license key to get auto update for the plugin.

What Next?

Well, the first thing that we are going to do is to release a new version of Documentor Lite plugin which is available for free. Documentor Lite will also have the updated UX and design and is expected to release in next 3 – 4 days.

Sanjeev Mishra

An award winning serial entrepreneur running multiple online businesses. He co-founded Webfanzine Media, the parent company for WordPress products such as SliderVilla, Documentor, PurposeThemes. He regularly blogs on Internet Techies, WPOptimus and many other popular blogs. His love for WordPress started back in 2008 and till now has contributed in the development and release of 20+ WordPress plugins with 5,00,000+ downloads.

  • Alexandra Andicsová

    we have a problem with our links – probably this issue is related to the fix 24 – Section title should be the Post Title for sections – i.e. if Section Title is changed the Post Title should also change.
    We had defined slugs – but in the new version this field is removed, and our links are not working at all.
    For example we had
    a post title “ABC version 3” slug abc_v3 and a link http://www.mypage.com/documentation/?section=abc_v3_1 and now
    the link is changed to http://www.mypage/documentation/?section=abc-version-3.
    What can we do with this issue?

    • Sanjeev Mishra

      We tested the scenario at our end by updating from 1.4.7 to 1.5 and the issue didn’t appear. As we are only using the slug created by WordPress for the section, that should not change like this.

  • igotit anything

    after version 1.5 the icon image of the section link just shown # ugly . the image is attached https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/77921a5ad28e03067c68cc69be6c4c93c8e205ac29b75ecebfe2076eab747a8a.png
    How can I recover this iscon as previous version ?

    • Sanjeev Mishra

      Under Guide Settings, there is an option to disable the hashtag link. The option is available under “Advance Settings” ==> Buttons option. Un-check the option “Section Hashtag Link” to disable it.

  • Nathan Barnard

    The Manage Guides button points to localhost ‘http://localhost/test2/wp-admin/admin.php?page=documentor-admin’

    • Nathan Barnard

      Also changing the ‘linkurl’ for a link section doesn’t work. The value for linkurl is empty on the API request.

  • Shirly Tsang

    We just updated to v1.5 and all the links to section topics were broken. We got 404 page not found messages when clicking those links. 🙁 I could not figure out what’s wrong. Please help shed some light on this issue. For now, I removed most of the links so they don’t look so bad on our site.

  • igotit anything

    The serious trouble occurred. My documentor not shows the Sections List as shown attached image. Tested with chrome, internet explorer 11, MS edge, all of them not shown the sections. How can I resolve this problem. the number of sections is about two hundred. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a039ce32b75cfa642ec65424545c045ae5ea9d85b620bf7a7f21fb1341184176.png

    • igotit anything

      Hi, This problem was wordpress’s small memory as you mentioned. This problem was cleared by setting the wordpress’s memory up to 256Mbytes. Thank you.

  • Gianpy

    Hi! I have an issue with documentor 1.5: i can’t create new guides, i do “create a new document” but the plugin don’t create anything… I have WordPress 4.7.3. Thx!