How to Change Product Documentation Template from Dashboard

Technical documentation of the product is very important. It helps customers understanding the product better and even use it without any help. A customer’s guide or help documentation should be ready at the time of releasing the product.

Like the website, the online product documentation page should also have a stylish look. The common layout of a documentation guide is different than a regular website.

A documentation guide should have better navigation between different articles under the guide as well as it should have dedicated search panel too.

Visitor’s feedback on the guide page helps in improving the documentation. Such feedback options like “Documentation was Helpful” or “Didn’t Help” should appear the end of the article.

Apart from these features, the design including color scheme, layout and placement of the navigation option depends on the documentation template.

If you create a product documentation or technical document of your product using Documentor, you get 6 design templates to choose from. These are very different in looks and allows you to get a new look in single click.

After adding all the sections in guide, you can choose between these 6 different designs. The option to choose documentation template is available under “Basic Settings” of the guide.

For every guide, you can have different template i.e. looks and design.

You can change the template anytime from the setting panel and customize the looks of your product documentation page instantly.

These ready layouts and mobile responsive so works great on all kind of devices.

Documentor comes with features such as PDF auto-generate, Visitor’s Feedback, Unlimited Guide, Drag and Drop Reorder of Sections, Print and Email options, Social Sharing, Database Backup and User Access Restriction.

You can create documentation with ready looks and layouts in no time and even customize the layout from dashboard without writing any piece of code.

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