User Access Manager Integration

Are you planning to restrict access of certain sections of the guide to selected users?

User Access Manager (UAM) is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to restrict the access of pages and posts to a user group. You can put users inside that group and those users only can access the pages. This plugin is very useful for membership sites or where the private sections are available.

With User Access Manager Integration add-on of Documentor, you can use the power of UAM on Documentor sections too.

Here are the steps to use this add-on,

STEP #1 – Install Documentor and create the guide with all sections

STEP #2 – Install User Access Manager plugin from WordPress repository (it’s a free plugin)

STEP #3 – Create user group from the UAM settings panel and put the registered users whom you want to provide access inside the group

STEP #4 – Activate UAM Add-on of Documentor so that you can control the access of sections

STEP #5 – Go and edit the sections and there you will see an option to allow access to the UAM groups only

That’s how you can protect sections and make it visible only to the selected users.

Note: UAM Add-on of Documentor is available with Multisite and Developer plans only.