Import Word Docx File to Documentor Online Documentation on WordPress

Now Create Online Documentation Importing From Your Word Document in WordPress

Are you tired of writing your product documentation guide on WordPress? And with the new Block Editor, is it a tedious job for you to create/edit the sections?

Documentor helps you to create product documentation guides online. Make a flexible and outstanding documentation guide for your products and services using the premium version of the Documentor WordPress Plugin.

Documentor Plug-in:

Documentor lets you create online documentation on WordPress easily. It is best suitable for one-page documentation guide with an easily navigatable side menu, but you can easily create beautiful large documentation too using the AJAX feature that comes with Documentor PRO. You can create an unlimited number of product guides. Documentor is provided with one click PDF generator. With export-import facilities, Documentor also offers pre-designed responsive skins.

For those with huge documentation guides, you can load each section with AJAX.  And the cherry on the top is the guide created with Documentor is SEO compatible too (using Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin)

.docx Import:

We got a huge response to the Documentor. We came to know that lots of people prepare documentation in Google Docs or Word files. People find it easy to create documents on Word or Google Docs file. We wanted to save their extra work of rewriting documentation on WordPress.

New Release!

This new release of Documentor Docx Importer Add-on version 1.0.0 (compatible with Documentor plugin version >= 1.6.3) can let you import the .docx file. If you have a Word Document file of your product documentation, you can upload it in the Documentor. Documentor will make a section-wise partition of your documentation. All the “Heading 1” titles of your Documentations will be considered as a new section. After the sections have created, you can reorder the sections. You can drag and drop a section to another one to create the sub-sections.

For more details about this addon – please check the official DocX Importer Addon Page – along with the step by step video.

Restrict Access of Documentation Guide Sections using Documentor UAM Integration Add-on

If you are running a member area website or having personal access areas, you may need to restrict access to selected users. For such situations, either you password protect the page or post or completely restrict access.

Free WordPress plugin like User Access Manager allows you to create a user group with selected users and allow access to those only. You can put any registered user of the website to that group or you can create multiple groups as per the access levels.

With this technique, you can control the access of different users as per their assigned group.

Access Control in Documentor Guide

We were receiving request to add similar feature for Documentor guide’s sections too. For example, if you don’t want to show certain sections of a guide to few people, you may need to restrict access. This feature is widely used on membership website or Internal usage portal of a company or organization.

UAM (User Access Manager) plugin works perfectly fine on Pages and Posts but was not working for sections. We thought to leverage the power of UAM and integrate it with Documentor.

Now we have finally released an add-on named UAM Integration to restrict the access of sections. By simply going on edit section panel, one can restrict the section to certain user group.

Note: UAM Integration is available along with Multisite and Developer plans of Documentor Pro WordPress plugin.

February Update – Documentor v1.5 with Clean Layout and Better UX

February was a busy month for Documentor team as we released a new version with many fixes and features. The Team worked for the complete month and finally it is out.

Documentor 1.5

The new version of Documentor WordPress plugin is out with lot many fixes and few design changes. We started working on this version at the start of this month and the main motto of this update was to fix things. By getting feedback from our customers, we also improved the user experience (UX) of the plugin and made the design a little clutter free.

Find the complete changelog of Documentor 1.5 are as below

Better Search in Documentor

With this update, we have optimized the code a lot and made operations really fast. Apart from that, some visible changes are the placement of Search Box on the guide page as highlighting search terms.

Guide Search box considers section title and the content and highlight the search term, if found.

No More Data Loss

Few customers reported that the sections are not appearing on front-panel after reorder or save guide operations. We fixed that issue as well and now there will be no such issue on Documentor. It took good amount of time for us to recreate that issue but finally we did and it is fixed.

Auto-update Issue

Few customers reported that the auto update is not working. Well, that was because of SSL issue. We have fixed that and the update should work just fine at your end. Don’t forget to put the license key to get auto update for the plugin.

What Next?

Well, the first thing that we are going to do is to release a new version of Documentor Lite plugin which is available for free. Documentor Lite will also have the updated UX and design and is expected to release in next 3 – 4 days.