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Knowledge Base Builder by Documentor

Create Engaging and Worthy Technical Documentation with Documentor Knowledge Base

Features To Documentor Knowledge Base Plugin

Make WordPress Ready to Create Knowledge Base. Fully Loaded Documentation Plugin.

In-depth Documentation

Create and arrange knowledge base for products, projects or Internal work with Documentor Knowledge Base Plugin.

Drag and Drop Reorder

Reorder added posts or documents using drag and drop method. Very easy to do.

Generate and Save as PDF

Use the button ‘Save as PDF’ for offline reading. Complete documentation transforms into a PDF.

User Feedback

Customer or user can submit feedback for any documentation section. Admin received feedback via email.

Multiple Designs & Layouts

Documentor comes with multiple designs such as Cherry, Default etc..

WPML Compatible

Increase the reach of your product’s documentation as there will be no language barrier.

Designed for WordPress

Preview the Documentation on admin before embedding the same on a page.

Live Preview of Guide

Customer or user can forward the documentation using Send Email or even print in proper format.

Unlimited Documentations

Create documentations for multiple products and use easy embed options to publish any number of knowledge bases.

Shortcode and Template Tags

Embed Documentations inside a simple page or anywhere on the theme using shortcode or template tag.

Why Use Documentor Knowledge Base

Full documentation of products or software without any worry

In-depth Documentation

Documentor Knowledge Base allows you to create an in-depth guide with internal links and easy navigation. Add multiple sections and elements including screenshots, images, videos, attachments to make your guide useful.

Archive Structure, Easy Navigation

Guides created with Documentor Knowledge Base will have fixed and easy left/right navigation panel to quickly open other sections. You’ll have a complete archive of your guide with all the listed sections under one roof. 

PDF for Offline Reading

For offline reading or to discuss with a team, one can use PDF format of the documentation. With one click, admin can generate a PDF copy of the complete documentation and allow visitors to download the PDF copy for the guide page. It helps in boosting the reach of the help guide and allows visitors to get a PDF copy with the brand logo.

Drag and Drop Reorder

Reorder the sections under one guide using drag and drop reorder. It helps in setting up the flow your knowledge base. In future, if you add a new section or doc, you can change the order anytime. Great feature for easy setup.

Unlimited Guides

Create unlimited guides and sections using Documentor Knowledge Base. Every section will be SEO optimised so that will rank on good positions on Google and other search engine’s result page.

Instant Search

Search as you type or Instant search is a feature where one will be able to see live search result below the box. For better user experience and quick findings, this feature is amazing. 

Easy Documentation

Documentor’s USP is the ease of implementation. Anyone can setup a documentation or knowledge base using Documentor. Even when the product is easy to setup, we provide intensive training to help you in on-boarding. 

Import from Microsoft Word

If you are already having technical guides or documentation in Microsoft Word (docx) format, you can easily import that into Documentor Knowledge Base.

Gather Visitor's Feedback

Accept visitor’s feedback (positive or negative) for every section of the guide. The feedback will be available in dashboard for analysis. Based on the feedback, administrator may take proper action of either updating or removing the section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Documentor?

Documentor requires at least WordPress 4.5 and a modern web browser. We do not support IE8 or below.

Is Documentor Knowledge Base compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, Documentor Knowledge Base is compatible with WordPress Multisite installation.

How do I get support and help for Documentor?

Our dedicated support team provides the best in class support via different mediums. In case of any issue, feel free to contact us or create a ticket or ask your query in our premium support forum. Our team of experts is available 24×7 to provide full support with SLA of 12 hours.

Does Documentor Knowledge Base work with non-WordPress sites or

Documentor Knowledge Base is currently available as WordPress plugin only and will not work on non-WordPress sites. As we are not allowed to upload and install custom plugins on, Documentor Knowledge Base will not work over there.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer 100% refund within 14 days of the purchase. No questions asked!

What Our Customers Say About Documentor KB

Riya Sulemani

I tried a lot of documentation tools but the ease of use available with Documentor is amazing. Team helped me in understanding the panel and also provided training on how to setup and maintain the guides in future. Amazing experience.

Kiara Sydney

Knowledge base built with Documentor looks great. Using for multiple clients and even getting good feedback from them. Thank you Documentor team.

Connect with Customers

Each tutorial or documentation guide section shows Customer Feedback Form at the bottom of the section. User can submit feedback about the guide section either suggesting some edits or may post positive feedback. It helps admin or the developer to connect with the user and improvise the documentation and even the product with this process.

5,600+ Guides Created with Documentor

A lot of web administrators, company owners and technical teams are using Documentor plugin. You can trust the team and start your documentation with us.

Free Training and 24x7 Support

With every purchase, you get exclusive one-on-one training on how to use the plugin and create your first documentation.

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